New Year, New Projects

Well, I failed miserably at blogging last year.  So, here goes another shot.  This year I have decided to do a 50 Square project.  I love crocheting and there are so many beautiful square patterns out there.  So the idea is that I will complete a square a week and then the last two weeks of the year I will spend binding the squares together and completing a border.  I am really excited to see how this goes and with the goal being one a week it is quite feasible.  I don’t generally make things for myself, so it will be nice to finally have something I’ve made.

Also, Peanutty Butty is turning five this year and for his birthday we are updating his bedroom.  When he was born we started a vague Super Mario Bros. theme, that never went anywhere.  Well, what better time than now to go forth.  I am making an 8-bit Luigi blanket for him.  His favorite character is Luigi, followed closely by Yoshi.  Another project slated is a cross stitch sampler of all the characters from the original SMB.  And then finally, I am hoping to complete some brick and coin blocks out of plastic canvas for him.  The most important project is to finish the blanket, everything else is just bonus.


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