Homemade Granola Bars

My son loves to help in the kitchen.  He is still quite young, so he is limited to things like mixing ingredients and helping to measure.  I am always excited when I find a way that can help to foster his culinary desires.  We ran out of granola bars the other day and instead of running to the store for some, I decided to find a recipe that we could make.  There is no shortage of granola bar recipes to be found on the internet, but eventually I settled on a recipe I found on a site called Barnes and Noodles.  The main reason I chose this one is because of the simplicity and versatility.  Also, I had everything on hand to make these.  It was snowing out and I didn’t really feel like going out.  This recipe was definitely something my little guy could help with.  We chose to put almonds and Craisins in ours, but you could do any flavor combination that you like.  They turned out delicious.   I am hoping to make this a weekly event.  I like that I know what I am eating and they are really inexpensive to make. Ta-da!



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