Heart Dishcloth

Okay, this isn’t a project that I did for my 52 week project but, it’s still crochet.  Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I wanted to do something special for my son’s teachers. For Christmas, we made an ornament and some sugar cookies, so I didn’t want to do the same thing for this holiday.  I thought about doing a scarf but I’m not a fast crocheter and I wanted something that would be done within an hour. Then I thought, why not dishcloths? Even better, why not a heart shaped dishcloth?  A quick search and I stumbled upon this beauty on Ravelry.  I had scrap cotton yarn laying about. I had a G/ 6/4.25mm hook laying about. So off I set. And here’s what I ended up with.  I love the bright color and I hope that his teacher does, too. I will pair it with a bottle of Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap and one of the homemade valentine’s that my little guy is working on.



New Year, New Projects

Well, I failed miserably at blogging last year.  So, here goes another shot.  This year I have decided to do a 50 Square project.  I love crocheting and there are so many beautiful square patterns out there.  So the idea is that I will complete a square a week and then the last two weeks of the year I will spend binding the squares together and completing a border.  I am really excited to see how this goes and with the goal being one a week it is quite feasible.  I don’t generally make things for myself, so it will be nice to finally have something I’ve made.

Also, Peanutty Butty is turning five this year and for his birthday we are updating his bedroom.  When he was born we started a vague Super Mario Bros. theme, that never went anywhere.  Well, what better time than now to go forth.  I am making an 8-bit Luigi blanket for him.  His favorite character is Luigi, followed closely by Yoshi.  Another project slated is a cross stitch sampler of all the characters from the original SMB.  And then finally, I am hoping to complete some brick and coin blocks out of plastic canvas for him.  The most important project is to finish the blanket, everything else is just bonus.

It’s a……scarf

So about two weeks before Christmas, my sister-in-law drops a hint that she would like a scarf.  Since, I wanted to make part of the gifts that I gave away, I was okay with this.  And then it spiraled out and I wound up making a scarf for my mother-in law and one for my grandma.

This is the scarf I made for my SIL.  She wanted a long skinny scarf.   I decided to use my stash yarn.  This cost me about 50 cents to make.  I had bought the yarn on sale for a quarter a skein and used almost 2 skeins.


Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA in Green Bay Green   2 skeins

Size N crochet hook

blunt end needle





So here’s what I did:

Chain stitch 253, turn

Half double crochet (hdc)  in third loop, creating first hdc, hdc across

chain 2, turn, hdc across

Complete 4 rows

Finish off and weave in ends.

Cut 24 15″ strands of yarn and attach to end of scarf, to create fringe.


The great thing about the Hometown USA is that it is a very bulky yarn and you are done in no time.


Now for my MIL and grandmother’s scarves I did things a little different:

Supplies are same as above except the color of yarn used.  My MIL wanted a Ohio State University scarf, so I used Cincinnati Red and New York White.  For my grandmother, I made a Delta Panther inspired scarf with Green Bay and New York White.  2 Skeins of the Cincinnati Red and Green Bay were used and 1 of New York White

With Cincinnati Red Chain 153.

Turn and hdc in third loop.  hdc across.

Chain 2 changing to New York White.  hdc across in back loops only (blo).

Chain 2 changing to Cincinnati Red.  hdc in blo across.

Chain 2 changing to New York White.  hdc in blo across.

Chain 2 changing to Cincinnati Red.  hdc in blo across.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Cut 12 pieces of each color yarn. Using one strand of each color attach six fringes on each end.

For the Delta Panther scarf color scheme is Green Bay, New York White, Green Bay, New York White, Green Bay

All you need is……


I love giving photos of my son to his grandparents for Christmas.  Usually, we have our family photos and his birthday photos done around Christmas and they make gift giving easy.  This year, with the rush of life, we forgot to make an appointment. Oops!  So, it was up to me to play photographer and come up with a nifty presentation.

Keeping with this year”s desire to give homemade gifts, I took to pinterest for inspiration.  And found it here: I L-O-V-E You Photo Frame.  Of course, I modified it a bit.

I started with 3 packs of RAM frames (each pack contains 3)



They were less than $2 a pack.






Next I painted them with Crayolas Washable paint (it’s all I had available):








The frames don’t need to painted, but I wanted to give them a little pop! And, of course, the frames can be decorated any way you like.  I may try, scrapbook paper and mod podge next time.


After they dried, I sprayed them with a sealant.  After all, it was washable paint I had used. I was a little worried that dusting them might rub the color off.

Then, I took four pieces of poster board, and wrote the word love; one letter on each piece.  I took photos of my son holding each of the letters and decided which I like best of each.  I used picnik to turn the photos black and white.  And this is the end result:

The great thing about using four separate frames, is that the grandparents can hang or sit them out in any arrangement.  I really hope that they like them as much as I do.  I plan on doing a similar project, for father’s day, for my husband.



Tile Coasters

I have seen multiple pins on pinterest for making tile coasters.  I decided to make them for my best friend, my brother and a set for myself.  They are so super easy to do. And cheap, too.

So here are my supplies:


12 ceramic tiles 16 cents each

Spray Sealant  $5.99 (Which I did not use.)

Mod Podge  $5.99 (which I am not too concerned about since I didn’t use much and have plenty for other projects

Sponge brush $1 for a pack of 3

Scrapbook paper 50 cents each sheet

Paper cutter (Sorry, I don’t remember how much this cost, because I bought it so long ago.  You could just use a pair of scissors or straight edge and exacto knife.)


Felt  squares 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ for backing coasters  (I just used some scrap I had left over from another project)

How to do make the coasters:

1. Cut scrapbook paper into 4″ x 4″ squares.

2. Lay out newspaper to work on.

3. Working on one tile at a time; coat tile in mod podge.  Lay paper on top, making sure it is centered.  Using finger, rub paper to ensure the are no bubble in paper.  Once the mod podge starts to dry, do not attempt to move paper, as it will tear.

4. After tile has dried, apply coat of mod podge.  Repeat 4-5 times, allowing tile to dry in between.  It took my tiles about 20 minutes to dry after each application.

After tiles have set, apply rubber cement to backs of tiles and attach felt squares.  Allow to dry.

Once the tiles are dry, there are two choices. They can be used immediately for cold drinks, but you will have to wait approximately 30 days to use them for hot drinks.  According to the bottle of mod podge, it takes approximately 30 days for the mod podge to fully cure.  Or you can spray with sealant and once dry, they can be used for all types of drinks.  The choice is yours.  I decided to allow them to cure on their own, as I have heard that the sealant has a strong odor to them.

And here is my finished product:

The toile are for my best friend.  The birds are for me.  The grey and black are for my brother.

I hope that y’all give these a try.

White Tulle Wreath

With the winter months quickly approaching, I figured I would make a new wreath to get into the festive spirit.  My original inspiration came from an Etsy pin that I found on Pinterest.  I just tweaked it to fit my taste.

The wreath was very easy and inexpensive to make.

Materials I used:

1 spool of 6 inch white tulle  100 yards ($5 at Hobby Lobby)

1 12 inch white plastic foam wreath ($4.47 at Hobby Lobby)

Christmas ornaments that I picked up 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby.

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks


Kleenex tissue box

2 rubber bands

I started out by wrapping about 1/4 of the tulle around the tissue box.  (You can make the tulle a longer length if you prefer. Possibly using a cereal box would work for that.)

I secured it using rubber bands, then cut the tulle on each end of the box.

Next start tying the tulle around the wreath.  Continue until the wreath is as full as you like.

Decide on placement of your embellishments.  Using hot glue gun, secure embellishments.

Cut a length of tulle to hang wreath from.

Crafting up a storm

Hey y’all! So glad that you’ve found my blog.  Thanks to pinterest.com, this holiday season will be filled with crafty goodness.  My goal this year is to make at least one-fourth of the gifts that we give this year.  My creative juices are bubbling over!  Ideas for gifts such as homemade bath products, re-purposed t-shirt totes and handmade ornaments.  Hope you find something that helps your creative juices flow.