White Tulle Wreath

With the winter months quickly approaching, I figured I would make a new wreath to get into the festive spirit.  My original inspiration came from an Etsy pin that I found on Pinterest.  I just tweaked it to fit my taste.

The wreath was very easy and inexpensive to make.

Materials I used:

1 spool of 6 inch white tulle  100 yards ($5 at Hobby Lobby)

1 12 inch white plastic foam wreath ($4.47 at Hobby Lobby)

Christmas ornaments that I picked up 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby.

Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks


Kleenex tissue box

2 rubber bands

I started out by wrapping about 1/4 of the tulle around the tissue box.  (You can make the tulle a longer length if you prefer. Possibly using a cereal box would work for that.)

I secured it using rubber bands, then cut the tulle on each end of the box.

Next start tying the tulle around the wreath.  Continue until the wreath is as full as you like.

Decide on placement of your embellishments.  Using hot glue gun, secure embellishments.

Cut a length of tulle to hang wreath from.